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Design studies – Theory and Research in Graphic Design – A Reader

After reading the text it is clear that research is a fundamental part of any vocation. Graphic Design, as a relatively new commerce is considered to be, by Stephen Heller [2006] “based more on style than substance.” It Is clear that the advances of the graphic design industry can not only be made through creative practice but through creative research. It is a common perception that research is viewed as, especially by students, a form of punishment. Heller [2006] explains, “Research is not, however, some pedagogic make-work or punishment. It is rather a necessary dimension in undergraduate and graduate programs.” It is definitely clear that research must be instilled from early on in a graphic designers career. Overall it is obvious that research is a corner stone of graphic practice, as surmised by Heller [2006] “The fact is graphic deign, indeed all design, is not produced in a vacuum. If the correct structures are in place, outside influences must be considered and also prevail.”

Looking Closer 5

Ultimately all work that graphic designers create has to be suitable to one end user, all work is viewed by audiences and critics. In this chapter The Birth Of The User is explored, it looks at how the internet has changed the way a user interacts with work and how much time is spent on a subject or work. The author is not damning though of new forms of user interface, such as the Internet. Lupton [2006: pg 24] explains, “These screen-based behaviours are driving changes in design for print, while at the same time affirming print’s role as a place where extended reading can still occur.” For me it is clear that this text is exploring how, as designers, we can incorporate different techniques to create user interest in our work, one such method is typography. Lupton [2006: pg 25] “typography can illuminate the construction and identity of a page, screen, place, or product.” It is clear that this text explains the importance of certain practices and disciplines to attract and retain the users attention.

Heller, S [2006] Design Studies Theory research In Graphic Design A Reader New York: Princeton Architectural Press

Lupton E [2006] Looking Closer 5 New York: Allworth Press

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