In this section I will be displaying all the research that I find and want to have towards my dissertation.

Here’s a TV show i’ve found that may relate to my Dissertation,

Does design make you do things? Design is everywhere, telling you to do something, telling you where something is, what you should wear, what you should eat. Without design where would we be? It is a fundamental part of culture and society, forming it and changing it! Below is a clip from Helvetica, a great documentary on the font by the same name…

A really good book that i found online

Stephen Heller is a really good comintator on Graphic Design within popular culture, i just found this book by him

Interesting commentary on Social values of art

Edward Bernays  on advertising propaganda. I looked at this in relation to the individual within society.

The anti design argument raged this summer and is something that i want to talk about it my dissertation. Here’s a really great article done by the Guardian on the matter between Neville Brody and Ben Evans


This is the article that carries on the debate about anit design, but mostly highlights neville and his work and positions, leading him to the place to create the anti design festival.

Here is the anti design manifesto

adf minifesto

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  1. designdissertation2010 May 26, 2010 at 8:58 am #


    Synopsis Structure/ Research Strategy 2010

    When you come to write your synopsis you should follow the format below. Answer the questions in order. [Min 1000 words]

    1. What is the title/question that you want to answer in your Design Dissertation? This will be your Lead Question/Statement.

    Try and answer this question now with the knowledge you already have about the topic. This might be naive and opinionated at the moment but will be very useful to look back on when you write your conclusion.
    Also are there any other question related to your topic that you will also want to answer? Write them down, but remember if you ask a question be sure you will be able to answer it in some way.

    2. What has motivated you to do this research and why is it important to you as a designer? This should be about 300 words and will be useful to look back on when you write your conclusion. [This is sometimes called the rationale.]

    2. Then write about how you going to find the information you require to make your research relevant, coherent and meaningful. This will be your Methodology.

    3. Write 300 words about all you already know about the topic you want to research. [if you have not already done so in answering your lead question]

    4. Then write about how you think you might structure your dissertation/research?

    Can you think of how many sections the wring will have to have to be able to answer the question you have set yourself? Write them down. If you are going to have a strong practical component tell us how you are going to structure it.

    5. Then describe what sources are you going to use to gain your information? These bibliographical references MUST be set out as I have describe in class; Author, date, title and Publisher. They also all must be annotated with a sentence or two about what the source is about and why it might be useful to you.

    A practical project, Books, Journals, Websites, Magazines, Interviews, Questionnaires
    Write down all the sources you have already found and read on the topic you are researching and name all the sources you already know about but have not read yet and why they look like they should be useful to you.

    6. Write a timetable for yourself. [Graphic Timeline Map]

    In this section also write about: What, when, how and why you are going to do over the summer. Put down where you are you going to do the research? When are you going to do the research? How you are going to do this research on this timetable/chart.

    Mark Ingham May 2010

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