Books To Study

Pop: How Graphic Design Informs Popular Culture, Heller, S, Allworth Press 2010

Citizen Design – Perspectives on design responsibility – Heller & Vienne

An Introduction to Design & Culture in the Twentieth Centuary – Chapter 7 From Mass Taste to Mass Style  – Penny Sparke

Graphic Design History – A History of design, a history of concerns – Heller & Ballance

Bauhaus 1919-1933, Dtroste, M, Bauhaus-Archiv Museum Fur Gestaltung Berlin, 1998

Illuminations – Benjamin, W – 1973 Fontana Press London

Design and the Public Good – Chermayeff, S – 1982 The MIT press Cambridge Massachusetts

Clean New World – Lavin, M, The MIT Press, Cambridge Massachusetts 2001

The Design Of Dissent, Glaser, M Rockport Publishers Massachusetts 2005

1966 and All That : [Hardback] Design and the Consumer in Britain,1960-1969 / by Jennifer Harris,sarah Hyde and Greg Smith. Trefoil Books, 1986.

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