Final Dissertation

9 Dec

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One Response to “Final Dissertation”

  1. Mark Ingham December 15, 2010 at 3:26 pm #

    I am not totally convinced by your lay out plans… It seems a bit ‘cold’ and perhaps needs heating up a bit. It needs more of something, even if that if more of less if you get my drift.

    You should always say Mies Van Der Rohe when you first mention him and use the first name when first mentioning all people….[He is not normally called Ludwig for some reason but he certainly is not Miles as you have called him in the opening paragraph of The Throne of Man and in other places, I suspect it is your spell-checker being naughty!].

    You will need to change your tenses in the introduction as you have now done the work so cannot ‘want to do something..’ In chapter 2 I will explore [or I have explored]…etc

    You mention someone called Sparke a lot but do you give them a first name and do you tell us who they are and why you are using their ideas….? I need to know that you know who Jean Baudrillard is and when you say he quotes Littre who again is this???

    I think you might want to explore your rather simplistic idea of dividing graphic design in to left or right….as I think that in our ‘post-modern age’ the complexities of life and art have been explore more sophisticatedly. It might be worth re-reading No More Rules again and see what you think now…

    You need to get your dates right ‘The Punk’ movement in music was in the mid to late 70s the 1980s was something else…! It is Marcel Duchamp! Other than these a some other easily rectifiable errors you seem to have gained a great deal from the research and writing up of this dissertation. I like the way you have evaluated you work and there is still time to loop and flow and perhaps this can be indicated in your design somehow?

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